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VOX POPULI - the freedom party

Self-definition + summary of the program

Vox Populi sees itself as a pragmatic party. We adapt to the situation. We want to propose and implement constructive solutions that are currently necessary.

We are EU-skeptical and we are for a free trade agreement in a Europe of the Fatherlands and against a dictatorship of Brussels.

At the same time, we are fully for real equality between men and women, and between heterosexuals and homosexuals. We, as Freedom Party, are of course for freedom and demand, for example, more sovereignty, the legalization of cannabis and of gay marriage. We advocate innovative ideas and new technologies (fusion power plants, anti-hydrogen, etc.). Furthermore, we are for the introduction of direct democracy, according to the Swiss model.

-Domestic policies - direct democracy, more freedom, fight crime/nepotism/double standards, strengthen prevention against political correctness, nemo est supra leges, separation of religion and state.
-Foreign policies - for a Europe of the Fatherlands, repositioning of Luxembourg towards the world powers (U.S., Russia, China, India, Brazil, ...), cooperation with the BRICS countries, neutral stance in the Syrian conflict.
-Economic, financial and budgetary policies - for a balanced budget, alternatives to the euro, alternatives to the financial sector, investment in new technologies (fusion power plants, anti-hydrogen, ...), the introduction of liberal zones, cooperation farmer-beekeepers, legalization of hemp / cannabis.
-Culture and tourism - promoting the Luxembourgish language, strengthen the English language, preservation of ancient monuments, creation of new tourist attractions, synchronize more often known films in Luxembourgish.

-Health - for the medical use of cannabis, no total ban on smoking, heroin addicts may only once backslide, for euthanasia, for abortion (but not unreservedly), better care for the elderly.
-Residence - a tax on vacant housings, construction of low cost housing for young/poor/ unemployed people, State should enter the real estate market and compete with private companies.

-Education - student scholarships must be granted by the municipalities, reintroduction of the points system, more English, Luxembourgish as a main subject, greater choice in languages​​, for maintaining the sections, a course where one learns how to write an application/an official letter etc, creating Master degree courses in sciences at the University of Luxembourg.
-Social policies - for more protection of privacy, data protection, maintaining the index-wage system as the guarantor of social peace, adjustment of pensions and other social transfers, faster and more flexible administration, for real equality between men and women / homosexuals and heterosexuals, electricity/water/gas in state hands.
-Families and youth - family as the nucleus of society, love as a guarantor of the families mother-/father's pension, social prices in the real estate market, promoting youth houses, not omitting the 'index tranches', ​​youth suffrage (from 16 years on), promoting talents.
- Environment - for renewable energies, for the abolition of wintertime, for a reduced consumption of petroleum, for the legal separation of property and animals, for animal rights, for protection of flora a fauna.
-Transport - For a zero tariff public transport, for a monorail, for a trolleybus, for more bike paths in the countryside and less in the city, against the plan Mobil2020, for a toll on the highway/or a motorway vignette, for the RER, for more social prices on taxis, replacement of thick trees by crash barriers or hedges.

The flyer

This is our flyer which we distribute.


You want to become member? Send us 5€ (student), 8€ (adult) or 10€ (pair) to the following account number:

CCPL IBAN LU90 1111 7012 0589 0000

In order to make a donation, you only need to write 'Don' in 'Communication'.

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